Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Fish Rustling and Other Tales

Came across this story of a couple of fish rustlers who failed to make a successful get away, it says a lot about the lack of escape routes in the Highlands and also the observational skills of the police in my old home town.

Now I knew that Komodo Dragons were the world's largest lizards but had no idea that their saliva contains 80 different types of bacteria so a couple of days after being bitten their prey will die a painful death and the dragons can have a food fest. Interesting critters and the divers stranded on the island were lucky that they only had to contend with a single one.

Saw this on the news a while back and thought what kind of person throws themselves out of a plane at 7,500 feet armed only with a rocket pack (made from model aircraft engines) and a parachute. Turns out he is a commercial airline pilot for Swiss Air – wonder how he got through the “have you any hobbies” part of the interview process.

And here is the video just in case you thought that they were making it up.