Sunday, 20 June 2010

Working Again

Just finished my 8th week in a new job and apart from the length of the journey things are going pretty well; the natives have been welcoming and friendly and while the application software that I have to work with could best be described as “quirky” I am starting to get my brain around it.

Unlike last year’s gig this one is permanent so hopefully should not have to place myself in the job market again for a few years; gets a wee bit frustrating applying for jobs and not hearing anything back from 90% of them – anyone would think that there was a world wide recession going on!

The job is in central London but rather than using the tube I have a 20 minute walk along the Thames to get to the office (way more pleasant) – have to walk past this building on the other side of the river:

And then amble past the headquarters of MI5 before finally arriving at my destination.

Hopefully the down time on the journey (and random events observed en route) will prove inspirational in creating blog posts and that “normal” posting will ensue.

Saw my first in train beggar on my 2nd week in, train had left Waterloo and stopped at one station and five minutes later a young man came down the coach saying that he had not eaten for 3 days and any money would be gratefully accepted. That was a surreal experience, made me feel like I was travelling in India rather than in the leafy home counties of olde England.